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About us:

Dissidents.org is an initiative from Fundación para el Progreso (Foundation for Progress), a liberal think tank based in Chile that aims to promote the values of a free society and liberal democracy through dissemination, education and networking.

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Rafael Rincón

Founder | Director

Rafael Rincón-Urdaneta Zerpa is a chilean business engineer, columnist, author and consultant of venezuelan origin. He currently directs the Leadership and Strategy department | Global Affairs at FPP Chile. Rafael has an International Relations master degree and a PHD in American Studies. His interest areas are Middle East Studies, Terrorism, Counter-terrorism and Technology. He speaks several languages.

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Sascha Hannig

Founder | Coordinator

Sascha Hannig is a chilean Journalist, columnist, researcher and author with economic-writing experience. She currently researches for FPP Chile Global Affairs department and is a Project Coordinator for the same area. Her main study areas are China’s Influence in the globe and Science and technology in society. Hannig has a master’s degree at University Adolfo Ibáñez and has a minor in Asian Economy and Asian Studies. She is also a published fiction novelist.

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Daniel Konewka

Associate interviewer – journalist

Born in the Czech Republic, Daniel studied translation and interpretation at the Charles University of Prague. Konewka works as a journalist at the iberoamerican redaction of the Czech radiotransmition. He also collaborates as editor and translator for Project Postbellum, which aims to gather testimonies from cuban dissidents. He is currently finishing his master’s degree in Latin American Studies at Charles University and was an intern at the Global Affairs department of FPP Chile while studying at the University of Chile.


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